Being a Home Instead Caregiver

Being a Home Instead CAREGiverWhat is it really like to be a Home Instead Senior Care CAREGiver? One thing's for sure: It's never the same thing twice.

If you enjoy variety in your work life, you will love caregiving.

A Day in the Life of a Professional CAREGiver

As a member of our team, you will serve seniors and their families throughout Southeast and South Central Minnesota. Your specific duties will vary by the client as well as your level of expertise and training. In a certain way, there is no 'typical' day-in-the-life. But if we could peek into your future as a CAREGiver, here's what we might see you doing on any given day:

  • Cheerfully greeting your senior as you arrive for the day
  • Waking your client, helping her shower, dressing her
  • Preparing a nutritious breakfast
  • Putting a load of laundry into the washing machine
  • Chatting with your client about current events
  • Taking your senior for a walk outside to get some fresh air and sunshine
  • Driving your client to a doctor appointment, taking notes about what the doctor said, then driving back home
  • Brewing up some afternoon coffee to enjoy together while watching television
  • Folding freshly laundered clothes and putting them away
  • Feeding the pet
  • Reminding your client to take medication
  • Playing a game or putting together a jigsaw puzzle
  • Dialing the telephone so your client can chat with a loved one for awhile
  • Watering the plants
  • Listening to stories about when your client was young
  • Planning next week's menu together
  • Cooking dinner, doing the dishes afterwards and putting them away
  • Helping your client get an evening bath to relax
  • Helping put on pajamas and get tucked into bed
  • Receiving a warm hug for all the help you provided that day
  • Writing notes in the Client Journal
  • Saying goodnight and "see you tomorrow"

Life changes constantly. You may find your client napping a lot one day and very chatty the next. One day may find you driving your senior to the lab for a blood draw, while the next day sees you listening to old radio programs on CD. No matter what each day brings, you must be prepared to meet it with grace and good cheer. The one constant in your life as a CAREGiver? Variety.

Become a Home Instead CAREGiver

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